Strategic Planning

From strategy to execution, Azurest Partners works with you to translate your business’ strategy into action and results and creating executable plans of action.

how we can help:

Planning – We help you define your ambition, generate and evaluate key initiatives; identify opportunities and challenges in achieving your objectives, and deliver on your plan.

Customer Strategy – We help you to improve how you target customers, sell products and services, deliver better customer service, engage customers, and use business insight to make better decisions.

Organizational Strategy – Achieving strategic alignment requires congruence between an organizational strategy, its structures, processes and people. We act as enablers of this process.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

A merger or an acquisition can add considerable value to a business, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process – from valuation to negotiation and completion – is successful demands considerable experience and knowledge.

how we can help:

Advising – Our services are designed to help our clients reach strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses. Many drivers can affect a deal; from regulatory restrictions to tax issues. We will call upon dedicated specialists to address any specific challenges that may arise.

Representative Types of Engagements – We identify appropriate buyers and will manage a sale process to achieve the best price attainable for our client. Our deep industry knowledge means that we can help companies identify other businesses that offer a strategic fit and assist them in their acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage. We work closely with clients in the private equity sector by assisting them to make acquisitions and advising them on disposals. Our extensive network and the depth of our relationships mean we can frequently identify unique opportunities for private equity investment in African and Caribbean economies.

Financial Analysis & Modeling

Azurest can develop customized financial models that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy to use.

how we can help:

STRATEGIC MODELING AND OPTION APPRAISALS – We build models to quantify and evaluate strategic decisions.

TRANSACTION AND DEAL MODELLING – We construct projection and valuation models to reflect economics of the deal, the contractual terms, operational, accounting and tax assumptions, financing proposals and investor returns.

BID MODELLING – We prepare financial models that meet the best practice requirements enabling the client to cost their bid submissions.

OPERATIONAL MODEL – We build spreadsheet /database tools for quantifying and forecasting specific business operations.

RESTRUCTURING AND FINANCING MODELS – We build restructuring models to reflect financing requirements, capital structure scenarios, cash waterfalls, distributions and impact of new capital structures.

Capital Raising

We work with you to develop optimal and flexible debt and equity capital structures and competitive financing programmes.

how we can help:

CAPITAL ADVISORY – We analyse the choices, present you with the alternatives and offer recommendations. We assess the company’s business models, market position and cash generative capacity and the recommend optimal capital structures. We advise on development of financing strategies (particularly for addressing Western investors and regulatory structures), transaction financing and refinancing, capital structure modification and debt restructuring, debt and equity private placements, and asset-based lending.

Risk Management

Good risk management does not slow an organisation down – it helps business move faster. Many organizations are not getting full value from their investments in risk management because their risk processes are not fully integrated into the organization’s operations. Furthermore, critical data and information are not shared effectively among key decision makers and risk managers.

how we can help:

ADVISING – What are the key risks and how they are being managed? Do you have overlapping risk functions or gaps in coverage? Have you optimized the use of technology? With insights gained from those answers, we bring to bear a robust method that includes rapid assessment and identification of opportunities to integrate and improve risk practices and diagnostics, which is a broad and systematic approach to assessing organisation involving a wide global compliance and reporting capabilities, together with future potential state, a business case and a roadmap.

KEY AREAS – We offer risk managment in the following key areas: commercial and contract risk assessment, information security, IT programme risk management, and Business performance reviews.

Business Reviews / Plan Formulation

Organisations make business plans for all sorts of reasons – to attract funding, evaluate future growth, build partnerships or guide development. Azurest is best placed to assist clients in various ways.

how we can help:

FORMULATION OF BUSINESS PLANS – Tailor business plans to suit the organizational objectives and be as flexible as possible to ensure it stays relevant in the face of changes and increased uncertainty. We also ensure that the risk and reward equation has been robustly addressed in the business plans.

BUSINESS REVIEWS – Ensure business plan essentials have been adequately addressed such as comprehensive review of the organization’s strategic positioning, high quality market research and supporting data for key planning assumptions, detailed financial projections including integrated financial statements, and clear objectives and action plans to achieve the organization’s goal(s).